Watch Free Movies Online

by David

With Watch Free Movies Online, I hope to help you find and watch free movies online in legal and safe fashion. I’ll also help you find places to rent unlimited DVDs and Blu-rays.

We’ll keep things clean and legal… I suspect many people don’t know about all the quality, legal sites out there to help you watch free movies and television online. I’m here to save you time and money by identifying and reviewing great resources for you to enjoy.

You will also find a remarkable number of devices on which you can just start to watch free movies online now. Whether you want to watch from your laptop, your gaming console, your netbook or even your smartphones, you will find apps or services enabling you to watch free movies on the internet with ease.

I will also cover both the major services such as Hulu and Netflix and lesser known services such as Cinema Now and StarzPlay.

Watch Movies On the Internet

The trick is to keep abreast on the latest and greatest sites because sites fall in and out of favor over time. This is, obviously, pretty difficult and time-consuming, so I encourage you to regularly return to to keep abreast of the latest. Sometimes a site can’t keep up with the volume of traffic their servers must survive because quality video requires so much bandwidth (which stresses the servers themselves and can cost lots of money to maintain). And sometimes sites fall out of favor because they push the line a little too much and draw negative attention from film publishers.

Netflix Unlimited Streaming Video & DVD Rentals – Try For FREE

Currently I’m loving Netflix. With their lengthy & generous free trial, you can stream all the classic and current movies & television shows you can possibly watch for nothing. You can even stream the video through your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii or may Blu-ray players at no additional cost. And this is a free addition to their already classic DVD rental service (with fast, free shipping and no late fees):

I have over a dozen quality sites I will introduce to you over the coming weeks. They’re all legal and they all provide a high quality viewing experience. And yes we’ll be looking far beyond sites like YouTube. There’s some great stuff out there and I look forward to collecting my reviews and lessons so you can easily watch movies on the internet.

I’ll discuss and provide three primary methods:

  1. Watch free movies online through streaming video in your web browser.
  2. Download free online movies by saving them to your computer and watching them with video player software.
  3. Membership sites that combine these types of services & require a very small fee.

Watch Streaming Video With Reliability

You may be wondering how I could put paid membership sites in this list considering the name of my website.

This is because the quality and security of some of these services is well worth the very small amount they cost. Many of these services are smaller businesses striving to make a name for themselves, so they provide remarkably generous offerings for far less than better-known big company services like Netflix. Many people don’t know about these companies (at least not yet), so it would be unfair for me to not point them out.

In addition, these paid services often tend to be more reliable than free sites and they likely will also feature much greater longevity. As you follow my progress with this website, you’ll see that only a few sites remain consistently worth your time.

Many of them — even some that are very good for several months at a time — will disappear just as soon as I find them. I wish it wasn’t the case, but this doesn’t happen with fully paid, legit services which operate with the blessing of the major networks and film studios. But don’t fret if you’re anti-corporate! Many of the best watch free movies online services are actually smaller, independent organizations with big web ambitions.


Return visitors to may notice I’ve removed a service to which I linked here. After spending some time with this service, I couldn’t in good conscience link to it from my site. It just isn’t worth the money. I will soon publish a review teaching how you can do and obtain everything it offered for free in an entirely legal fashion. Basically, I feel the service exploits people who aren’t terribly net savvy by trying to profit from services and open-source applications that are freely available to anyone who knows about them.

So that’s enough negativity…

My first reviews are now ready. Visit the Download Movies Legally section to find detailed and comprehensive reviews of the Amazon Unbox service as well as the competing CinemaNow and Vongo services.

Let’s get ready to enjoy all the Internet has to offer with Watch Free Movies Online

Watch Streaming Video

This section of Watch Free Movies Online will address how to watch streaming video. I will explain how most sites in this area stream video free for you to watch and provide reviews of the best and most popular services.

It is important that you have some understanding how these sites work, because many of them simply serve videos hosted by other sites. This is okay, but understanding the difference between a site serving streaming video free from external sites and a site which hosts the movies on its own server will help you pick the right sites to spend more of your time.

I will provide you with many of the names of these streaming video services, but I’m afraid I won’t be linking directly to most of them. This is because many of them contain gobs of copyrighted material. My site isn’t designed for you to learn how to exploit copyrighted material. It is designed to help you find legal and legitimate ways to enjoy your movies and videos online.

While some of you may still seek the instant gratification of copyright infringement, I can assure you that finding and enjoying this same material in a legitimate way will make it both easier and more lasting. […]

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Download Movies Legally

While the focus of Watch Free Movies Online will continue to be watching movies free online, I would be remiss not to include some excellent, robust services which provide tons of quality movie downloads for a small monthly fee or very small per-use fee.

In this section I will review 9 different services. Some of them are strictly online video services while others require the purchase of some kind of set top box, not unlike the kind of set top box many use for digital cable services. All of them require an internet connection, and the higher the bandwidth, the better.

The first reviews are up. I’ve written very thorough and detailed reviews of Amazon Unbox and CinemaNow as well as Netflix. I hope they help you better understand your options. I will also have a review of Vongo up very soon, with the rest to follow in the coming week.

So you can see how the big guns compare to the little guys, I will review both major services such as Apple’s iTunes, Amazon Unbox and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace and I will review lesser known services such as Vongo and Vudu. I will even throw in a couple very small, independent services I’ve discovered, such as the ambitious but terribly disappointing Watch Direct. […]

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